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" I attended the Thermal Project Orientations by Ka-Blam Consulting Inc. in May 2015. It was well done and very informative. I knew nothing of SAGD operations or how the process worked and now have a very good understanding of what goes on. Well done and thank you very much for sharing your knowledge."

Shane Leer

Marketing Representative

Global Well Servicing


“I am writing this to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for making my experience at your course a truly great one.
I was impressed with the presentation, the instructor’s experience, and the clear explanation of things on many different topics.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to add some knowledge and expertise to their team."

Cedric Vincendeau

Business Development/Operations Manager

Newage Oilfield Services


These courses are developed

from Thermal professionals with experience with mature Thermal Projects and in Course Development and Instruction. All content created from major operating company feedback. 

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Bitumen, Oil Sand, Slotted Liner, FCD, Fiber Optic, Thermocouple, Capillary Line, Conax fitting, Tubing clamp styles, coiled tubing, ESP Cable, Gas Lift nozzle, Vacuum Insulated Tubing (VIT) Insulator, Flow Control Devices, Wire-Wrap Screens, drill bits, centralizers

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entry-level thermal project ORIENTATIONS 


There is a significant difference in the way we approach thermal projects. There is unique methodology, terminology, and project structure. However, with proper training and knowledge sharing, new and experienced personnel can quickly adapt to thermal projects. This increases the supply of qualified personnel to meet the demands of the thermal industry. 

We instruct hourly / half day / full day Thermal Project Courses/Topics for Thermal vendors, Thermal Operating Companies, Universities, or Colleges.

Registrants receive a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION. Scroll down to view the course content. 


Half Day - Thermal Projects Overview (if you want you can take together with another half day course)

​A great mandatory orientation for oil companies and vendors to send new hires or existing non-thermal employees who will be or are involved with a thermal Project (employees crossing over from another conventional gas division for example).

Oilsands Surface Locations, Reserves and Subsurface Cross-Section
Bitumen Properties

Bitumen Recovery Methods

Common Thermal Oilsands Terminology ​- Steam Chamber, Cap Rock, Sub-Cool, Thief Zones, MOP, 

Coalesce, High Temperature Swivel Joints, Boiler and Feed Water, Well Cool-off, LOTO, Handovers

SAGD Process Explained

Thermal Pads - pad layouts, pad components, subsurface drill patterns

Basic Wellbore Construction

Well Pair Purposes

Steam Chambers - Shape, monitoring

Wells Encountered in a Thermal Project - delineation, observation, water source, water disposal, other

Central Processing Facility - Facility Components expained

Common Business Functions Encountered Within a Thermal Project and Their Purposes

Half Day - Thermal Drilling
​A great mandatory orientation for oil companies and vendors to send new hires or existing non-SAGD

employees who will be or are involved with a SAGD Project (employees crossing over from another

conventional gas division for example).

Oilsands Surface Locations
Subsurface Cross-Section
Bitumen Properties
Bitumen Recovery Methods
Common Oilsands Drilling Terminology
Non SAGD Oilsands Well Types
Rig Requirements
Key Services Required
Drill Order
Casing and Liner Specifications
Cementing Operations
Slant Vs Vertical Spud
Directional Drilling Operations and Challenges
Drilling Fluid Circulation System
SAGD Drilling Fluids
Well Control
Waste Management
Drilling into Steam Chambers
Drilling Challenges Unique to SAGD
SAGD Drilling Cost & Performance Analysis
A Walkthrough of a Summarized SAGD Drilling Program

Half Day - Thermal Completions & Workovers - Technical Operations

Technical operations content for people involved in Completions and Workovers Operations
​Typical process if a well goes down to perform a workover
Vendor Travel - highway 63 & 881
Pad Congestion - Pad Spacing constraints, sharing the pad with other groups
Completions Equipment Spacing
Common Injector wellhead and downhole configurations
Vacuum Insulated Tubing (VIT)
Common Producer wellhead and downhole configurations - Gas lift, ESP, PCP
Downhole Instrumentation and Monitoring
Capillary Lines and Clamping
BOP Requirements
Surface Wellhead Corrosion Challenges
Kill / Workover Fluid
Common Tubing and Handling Equipment
Multiple Tubulars in One Wellbore / Tight Clearances
Thermal Expansion of Steel
Encountering deformed casing, tubing, coil tubing 
Common Fishing Techniques
Common Vendor Equipment

Half Day - Thermal Completions Engineering

Technical operations content for people involved in Completions and Workovers Operations

​Regulatory awareness
Writing completion programs and constructing cost estimates.
Basic injector and producer well configurations
Basic Wellhead designs
Vacuum Insulated Tubing
Capillary lines and tubing clamps
BOP considerations
Well Control
Deformed Casing and Liners
Casing Integrity Logging Tools and Deployment
Flow Control Devices
Steam Splitters
Swell Packers
Instrumentation and Deployment


OTHER AVAILABLE COURSES - Contact us for details.

Thermal Production Engineering

Thermal Production Operations (for field production staff)

Thermal Facility Engineering 

New Thermal Technology

CapRock Integrity Testing / Microfrac / DFIT

SAGD instrumentation

Basic Fundamentals of Hydraulic Fracturing

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“The Thermal Project Overview and Fundamentals of Hydraulic Fracturing courses helped me understand things I never knew before about thermal completions and this had increased my knowledge and confidence."

Chiz Nwoye

Technical Sales

TAM International Inc,


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"As a new comer from conventional to thermal, it had significant value. I really enjoyed it.

I like how it explained things from the clients perspective. It's a great standard course for our industry and beneficial regardless of your previous knowledge or experience.

Definitely THE training standard in our industry. It's recommended for people new to oil sands industry but who also want to expand knowledge . "

Michael Ma

Product Manager

Baker Hughes

Amber Sommer

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